Professional, performance-oriented management.
Local implementation.


The company was founded in early 2010 by Achim Tillmann. The objective was to offer professional and semi-professional investors an operative platform to have their assets be managed nationwide. Owing to the many years of institutional experience, a bridge was to be built between genuine capital investment and the particulate, operative daily business in which the company’s perspective of real estate management and its willingness to perform must not be missed.

Professionally prepared key financial figures are just as important as a hands-on mentality that is oriented on implementation.

Finch Properties draws on networks established for many years to identify investment opportunities. The view is strictly focused on the value drivers – at all times from acquisition or development of new and existing portfolios, to the leasing and holding period, up to a potential sale.

  • Transactions management (acquisition/sale)
  • Leasing and tenant management
  • Structuring and financing
  • Optimisation of building rights and costs

To attest to our belief in the success of our doing, Finch Properties participates as a partner and co-investor, depending on the transaction structure. In alternative, we work as a service provider on the basis of a (performance-based) fee and arrange contract and fee structures that reflect the outcome of our doing (rules based on merit and demerit).