Investment profile

We invest in the following asset classes.


Real estate can be improved through active management – investments in substance, optimisation of tenancies or consistent implementation of strategies. Optimising a complete site or a micro-site is clearly more complex, if not impossible.

Finch Properties therefore invests in good to very good locations and is concentrated on the asset classes of office, retail and in individual cases, residential property.


Our focus is on the liquid investment markets of the German large-city regions (Top 7). Here, we invest in office properties with value creation potential, which is generated by reducing vacancies/repositioning, short remaining terms of existing lease agreements and (re)development.


Our interest is in A-locations in German mid-sized and large cities, as well as B locations and suburban areas exclusively in major cities. The properties must have value creation potentials generated by repositioning/development and/or optimisation of the rental situation.


In individual cases, Finch Properties buys or develops, together with conservative institutional or semi-professional investors, smaller residential developments that are altogether held in the portfolio for a long term. For this purpose, we scout for parcels and/or existing buildings with value creation potential.